Portfolio Manon Bovenkerk

A50 (Ekkersrijt)

Animation for app brabant vertelt

This animation was commissioned by BKKC for the project brabant vertelt: a series of cultural and historical walking routes you can take using the app. Through sound, poetry and animation, you discover different parts of Brabant.


This specific route takes you around the slightly downtrodden commercial area Ekkersrijt, located north of Eindhoven. You are guided by an audio tour made by writer Rob van Kranenburg and artist Bas van den Hurk, starting at the Ikea, following the 'meubelboulevard' (furniture mall), and circling office buildings and the freeway. Their cultural criticism is prompted by the dynamics of consumption and working environments, Walter Benjamin's writings on arcades, the function of window shopping and the design of public space.
The artworks in public space that you encounter along the way are reminders of believes and aspirations that are now outdated. I made an animation that plays on your smartphone at the end of the route, when you are standing on an artifical embankment overlooking the highway. The animation is based on the conversation between van Kranenburg and van der Hurk.


You can download the app at www.brabantvertelt.nl


Rob van Kranenburg wrote The Internet of Things and is the founder of the affiliated Council. Bas van den Hurk is a Dutch artist who has shown his work in New York, Brussels, London and Amsterdam.

Genre: felt-tip and pencil on paper animation

Commissioned by Brabant Kenniscentrum voor Kunst en Cultuur
Year: 2014
Lenght: 1 minute
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Screening formats: H264, ProRes