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In His Bold Gaze

A film project by Bernardo Zanotta
Production: near/by film

In His Bold Gaze is a semi-essay film revolving around the life of a notorious German cannibal. The film is composed of a three-act structure, and makes use of cinematic clichês to digress into the tale of Armin Meiwes - computer engineer from Rotenburg, Germany - who in 2001 found a willing victim to be devoured at the internet forum Cannibal Café.


In His Bold Gaze frames this well-known narrative under the perspective of the Hitchcockian male hero - to whom the maternal superego blocks access to a ‘normal’ sexual relation. The film is the second volume of Bernardo Zanotta’s Cannibal Trilogy: three experimental works which draw reference to the shared history between cannibalism and homosexuality.


Heart of Hunger, the first volume of Zanotta’s trilogy, won a Silver Leopard at the International Short Competition of the 71st Locarno Film Festival and is now screening in festivals and venues in Europe and abroad. The third volume, Wild Fruits is also currently in development by near/By film, to be released in 2020.

Experimental Short, 20 min

In production
Expected release: 2019

Supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst