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Insieme Insieme

Fiction film by Bernardo Zanotta
Production: Venin films (FR) in coproduction with near/by film

An unusual bandit trio spends autumn in a village by Lake Maggiore. In their holiday apartment they create a parallel world, which little reflects their surroundings. As the pressures of the outside world begin to weigh in on them, they kidnap a tourist in order to give their lives a purpose.

Fiction, 37 min

Distribution: EYE Filmmuseum
Supported by: Région île de France, Mondriaan Fund

Premiere: FIDMarseille 2022, French Competition

Cast and crew

With: Lydia Giordano, Jun Ortega, Gustavo Jahn, Leandro Lefa
Producers: Yann Gonzalez & Flavien Giorda (Venin Films), Manon Bovenkerk (near/by film)
Cinematography: Ville Piippo
Sound: Sergio González Cuervo