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A film project by Floris Schönfeld
Production: near/by film

PUK* is multilayered project linking madness and artificial intelligence. Central to the project is the character PUK*; a chaotically creative, irrational and possibly schizophrenic artificial intelligence. 

As the project develops it creates a visceral and complex portrait of this illusive character through both physically embodying it and creating a narrative around it.  


The project spans installation, performance and film and has been running since 2016 when it was conceived by Schönfeld as part of his residency at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam.  


Together with near/by film Floris is currently developing the feature length film The Miraculous Breakdown of PUK* as a significant next step in the PUK* project.

Entirely shot on location at a former sanatorium and with a cast of neurodiverse actors the film questions where to draw the line between sanity and insanity.

It draws a parallel in the fear we feel for the unknowns of both the emergence of  new non-human intelligences (AI) and the madness that is present in ourselves. 

Mixing speculative AI research, alternative psychiatry and a deep sense of mystery the film creates a prism through which to destabilise and expand upon currently held notions of neurodiversity and artificial intelligence. 


The project was part of the Feature Expanded Training program in 2018.  http://www.featureexpanded.com/alumni-2018/


Renditions of the project have so far been shown at CurePark Amsterdam, the Rijksakademie OPEN 2017, ROBOT LOVE Eindhoven and will be part of IDFA 2018.

Multidisciplinairy project, feature

In development