Portfolio Manon Bovenkerk



Standpoints, curated by Meta Knol, led the visitor through a selection from the Centraal Museum's collection of modern art. The selection demonstrated that over the years artists have been inspired by all manner of everyday, non-artistic motifs and themes. The title Standpoints refers to artists' openness to the world around them, but also to the possibility of defining your own position as an observer of art.


I was one of seven contemporary artists who were invited to add their own topical and personal standpoints in the form of wall paintings that establish a dialogue with the works on display. The theme of my cabinet was melancholy and it featured works by Jan Mankes, the brothers Maris, Theo van Doesburg, Henri Fantin-Latour and others. It turned out a quite romantic, athmospheric and intimate little room.


Group exhibition with

Manon Bovenkerk, Willehad Eilers, Henri Jacobs, Marijn van Krij, Gerard Polhuis, Roland Sohier and Aam Solleveld
Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL
From Februari 2008 untill mid-2009

Genre: Drawings

Media: charcoal and pastels on plaster
Dimensions vary
All photographs made by Hans Wilschut