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The Headless Palm Trees

A film by Sara Rajaei
Production: near/by film

The Headless Palm Trees (working title) is a feauture film consisting of fifteen episodes, centring the topics of fear, psychological terror, superstition and social instability in contradiction with folklore, tradition, and rituals as tools of survival. The protagonists of The Headless Palm Trees find themselves in an unsafe intimidating setting forcing them to take mental refuge into imaginary worlds.

As they unfold, the stories reveal the struggles and the psychological challenges of small communities that go through radical changes. In such situations supernatural comes to aid, providing a sense of safety yet limiting mental growth & social development.

The film is currently in development, and a first draft of the scrip is written by Sara with the support of script coach Nanouk Leopold. Sara is currently taking part in the new residency Vrijplaats, organised by FilmForward, the developement platform for film and audio visual media founded by Dana Linssen and Rogier Klomp.


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