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About Near/by film

near/by film is founded by Manon Bovenkerk in 2017. She has a background in the visual arts and worked as a programmer and producer for artist initiatives, festivals, exhibition spaces and arthouse cinemas. Her aim has always been to show the mutual influences between film and art, and to support the development of filmrelated artworks.

Although film and visual arts are strongly connected, it is not always easy for visual artists to navigate the film world, and vice versa for filmmakers to find exhibition spaces for film installations. It can be hard to find the right funding, distribution, and possible partners if you want to explore new territory. near/by film aims to bridge that gap by producing artistic film works for the cinema and beyond.

near/by film focusses on short and mid-length films with a focus on experimental documentary, essay and artist films. We strive to connect filmmakers with funds, cinema spaces, festivals and exhibition platforms to build sustainable practices. near/by film provides and environment in which collaboration, shared responsibilites, taking risks and curiousity are fundamental.

We are interested in long-term collaborations with artists and filmmakers, but you can also contact us for advice and support on project development or help with applying for funding. 

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us at hello@nearbyfilm.com

near/by film is a foundation and follows the Code Cutural Governance and the Fair Practice Code.

members of the board:
Olaf Diels
Ingrid van Tol