Portfolio Manon Bovenkerk

Ocnophilia (film)

Experimental film, animation

Two women, one seemingly no longer amongst the living, play a game of attrack and repel in claustrophobic rooms and hallways. The outside is a bleak landscape of stark and unforgiving architecture. Inside, the desperate need for contact leads to physical obsession, strange infections and croup-like tumors.


This visceral horror story is constructed entirely out of precise and refined charcoal drawings. Motion is suggested by slight camera movements and the desolate soundtrack. Ocnophilia, meaning an extreme attachment to certain objects and persons, is also the title of a book published alongside the film, which uses the same drawings to arrive at a sequential narrative.



Leids Film Festival, NL, 2006

Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht, NL, 2006

Norwich International Animation Fil, Festival, UK, 2006

NPS New Arrivals, 2006 (online channel of Dutch public television broadcast)

Impakt Festival, Utrecht, 2007

Filmbank TV, 2009 (online curated channel)



Genre: charcoal on paper animation / experimental

Direction, animation: Manon Bovenkerk
Music: Danny Weijermans
Year: 2006
Lenght: 6 minutes
Black & white
Stereo sound
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Screening formats: H264, ProRes
Distribution: EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam