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Eliane Esther Bots


"I have a documentary approach to film making, in which I treat our physical reality and our (inner) world as equally real. My films often start with an encounter, the filmic process develops according to that what happens between my characters and myself. I work according to a film plan, but without a fixed script. As a maker I create the outlines of moments and experiments, which lead to development of scenes. This methodology gives room for improvisation, cooperation and unexpected visual choices."


Eliane is currently working on her long-term filmic research into the influence of conflict and migration on the narrative world of people and the way that they construct stories about themselves. Her new film The Channel, a longer documentary about (former) interpreters of the Yugoslavia Tribunal in The Hague and their role as ‘intermediary’ between speakers and listeners, witnesses and accused, court and attendees, is currently in postproduction


Eliane holds a BA from the HKU (University of the Arts, Utrecht) and graduated cum laude from the Master Film at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam, in 2016. Her last film The Brick House premiered at the Berlinale in Berlin.


-Cloud Forest, 2019, documentary short
-The Brick House, 2016, documentary short (Gouden Kalf Competition, NFF)
-We can't come from nothing, documentary short, 2014 (nominated Golden Key Award, DokFest Kassel)
-Conversations, 2014, documentary short
-The Keeper, 2014, documentary short
-The Dome & The Cone of Silence, 2012, documentary short
-The captain and the boy, 2012, fiction short


Personal website: www.twosmallthings.com

Project in production: The Channel

photo credit: Kerstin Schomberg