Our people

Ksenia Galiaeva

visual artist, director

"Since 1997 I have been making photos of my parents in the paradisiacal surroundings of our Russian summerhouse. The use of a certain kind of situation turns my models into fictional characters. My knowledge of this family micro-cosmos enables me to project my ideas onto this subject. I use mostly ‘feel good moments’. This can be seen as escapism, but for me it is a way to deal with my fears of time, death and human nature. My photos are vanitas without the usual symbols. My themes are the flow of time, continuity and memory. Duration and memory are embedded in perception."


Ksenia is currently working on the short film Unreal Estate in collaboration with filmmaker Jonathan van Essche and produced by near/by film. Unreal Estate combines the summerhouse saga with a more essayistic project revolving around the subject of ‘autobiographical fiction’: the making of self-story, the fictional elements in memory and identity, the use of personal metaphors, and imagination as a tool in a visual or literary narrative. Ksenia and Jonathan share an interest in open narratives and in the way that memories and associations are processed and can be turned into universal metaphores.


Galiaeva teaches at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows, amongst others in Fries Museum, NL, Stedelijk Museum 's Hertogenbosch, NL, Moscow MOMA, RU, Seoul MMCA Changdong, KR. She is represented by Ellen de Bruijne Projects in Amsterdam and opened her first solo exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam in December 2017.

Project in development: Unreal Estate