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Show/no show

The films in Show/no show are about omitting, replacing, obscuring and revealing; films about enigmatic characters and stories that can only be told by circumspection.


On the occasion of the 2019 ROOTS Film Festival at Filmhuis Den Haag, supporting filmmakers and -industry from the city, Manon Bovenkerk selected seven films that deal with the (im)possibilties of representing the immaterial. If you cannot film your subject because it has disappeared, is invisible, or exists only in your head, how do you visualize it?  These filmmakers use the circumferential movements of the visual arts, whereby the working method and questions guide the film rather than a clear-cut script or realistic represention of reality. The construction of theses films is not hidden but emphasized, and as a viewer you are challenged to fill in the blanks and ellipses.


The program:


PUK* Bill, Floris Schönfeld, 2017
The Double (image), Roy Villevoye and Jan Dietvorst, 2016
a composition in blue, red & other colours (image), Sara Rajaei, 2017
Cut Out, Guli Silberstein, 2014
Hacked Circuit, Deborah Stratman, 2014
Hotel Forum (image), Arianne Olthaar, 2016
Dad's Stick, John Smith, 2002

Show/no show at Filmhuis Den Haag